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- Notarized Documents, Legal Documents

Notarized Documents

Notarized Documents are the Public Documents made by notary public by the request of client who needs the testament or the contract.

As the notary public who is the specialist in law checks the documents, there is a benfit to have you the legal correct documents.

You can make the following documents as the Notarized Documents

  • Testament
  • Loan Contract
  • Lease Contract
  • Divorce Benifit Agreement
  • Voluntary Guardianship Contract
  • Guarantor's declaration
  • Other Contract

If you are required to submit the Notarized Documents to foreign coutry it may have the Apostille authentication.

The charge for the notary public.

Notarized Testament

Notarized Contract

Benefits of

There is benefits by making notarized documents.

  • You can get the legal correct documents.
  • Grant the judicial exercise.
  • When made the testament, it will be kept by Office of Notary Public and will be searchable.

Legal Documents

There are a lot of Legal Documents such as Sales Contract, Lease Contract, Loan Contract or Consents.

Sales Contract The Sales Contract shall be effective when the Seller promises to transfer a certain right and the Buyer promises to pay the purchase for it (Civil Code Act 555).
Lease Contract The Lease Contract shall be effective when the House Owner promises the article for the use, and the Borrower promises to pay the lease fee (Civil Code Act 601).
Loan Contract Loan Contract shall be effective when the Borrower receives money or other thing from the Lender by promising to return the thing (Civil Code Act 587).
Consents The Consent Document will be required when need the promise of payment of money or promise of evacuation from the article, accepting the cooperate with business.